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Subject: Fw: H.R. 1388 passed, and was signed by Barrack Obama this morning

Tell me this isn't true, or explain if there is an explanation.   

Obama just spent $20,000,000 to move members/supporters of Hamas, a terrorist organization, to the United States ; housing, food, the whole enchilada. 


Whether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U.S. needs to know....

H.R. 1388 was passed, behind our backs. You may want to read about it.. It wasn't mentioned on the news... just went by on the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in "migration assistance" to the Palestinian refugees and "conflict victims" in Gaza .

The "presidential determination", which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States , was signed and appears in the Federal Register.

Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

Let's review...itemized list of some of Barack Obama's most recent actions since his inauguration:

His first call to any head of state, as president, was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah party in the Palestinian territory.

His first one-on-one television interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia television.

His first executive order was to fund/facilitate abortion(s) not just here within the U. S. , but within the world, using U. S. tax payer funds.

He ordered Guantanamo Bay closed and all military trials of detainees halted.

He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the "terror attack" on 9/11.

Now we learn that he is allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to, and live in, the US at American taxpayer expense.

These important, and insightful, issues are being "lost" in the blinding bail-outs and "stimulation" packages.

Doubtful? To verify this for yourself: p/2009-02-04-E9-2488


Few understand the Muslim threat to not only this nation, but to the entire world.  It is my intention to finish writing an expose' of the Muslim intents, and just what they are in reality.  I am trying to find the time to finish it, for everyone should understand what this Satanic threat is, and how our nation is being taken over by it with few even realizing what is happening.  When someone says that Obama is NOT a Muslim, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.  Everything he is doing supports that he is most assuredly working in concert with them.




























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