Shari:  The front of the house faces south, and therefore, the back of the house faces north.  (Be sure to use the bottom slide bar to see all of the pictures.  There will be explanations below some of the  pictures.)

This first line of pictures shows the view looking north, and a panorama of the front. These two pictures shows how open it is on the west side of the house, with no neighbors here whatsoever.   Now for a swing across the front. You will notice there is a chain link fence in front of the wall.  That will be removed.  The wall will be finished out with wrought iron fencing that goes in between the gray brick pillars and on top of the brick. These steps lead to the double front door, and the top level of the two story house where all of the finished out living quarters are.  Everything below this is the unfinished ground or first floor, which you will see later down the page. Here you can get a partial look at the view from the house. This shows how far away and down a hill the closest neighbor to the east is.  There is at least a hundred yards between this house and other neighbors.  This one looks closer than what it is.


Now I will swing from the west side where you can see the oversized four garage, around to the back of the house. As you can see, there is a stairway from the ground to the upstairs patio, which is really quite large. Shows the view to the south east. This gives you an idea of just how immense this place is.  Remember, it is over 8000 sq ft.  It is hard to see because of the chain link, but the very large motor home garage is at the very left.  The door way is a good 14 ft. high.  Most motor homes are about 12 ft.  The upstairs patio stretches almost the entire width.


These pix will give an idea of the view panorama to the north.  You can see one neighbors house.  It is much further from the house than what this picture indicates, as it was taken from the northern edge of the property.  It is really a long way away from the house itself. These are not very good, but it does give an idea of what the view is like as the sun is going down.   You really cannot see it here, but the view is clear to the actual town of California City.


Now I will give you a few pictures to show the floor plan of the upstairs.  This is the entry as you come in the double front doors as you saw in the picture above.  The doorway to the right goes into the dining room, and from there into the kitchen.  The one on the left goes into the front room. This is the front room, with the entrance from the entry way to the left.  It is hard to tell , but the stairway from the ground floor to this one is at the back wall, behind where you see the two chairs.  The doorway to the right is a long hall which goes to the laundry room, three bedrooms / bathroom, and a fourth room that is a second office area.  You can see that area on the listing, so I did not include them here.   (SEE LISTING)  This gives you a little better perspective of where the stairway is behind those two chairs and half wall. Now, from the opposite direction, you can get an idea of how large and open the living room to the kitchen is.  Notice the large windows that look out to the view of the valley.  Off to the right is a pool table that sits just outside the kitchen. This gives a better view of that area.  The large opening to a hall leads to the master suite, which includes his office, and the large shower, bathroom, and bedroom.


These show the upstairs patio. There is enough room here for my wood table that I built that now sits in my present patio.  (Te woman is the realtor who showed the house to me.) This is the opposite direction.  As you can see it is a very large patio area, with a very wonderful view.  The door at the end goes to the master bedroom, opening to a rather private patio to the left of that door.


Now for the downstairs.  This is the patio area. From the 4 car garage, you walk into this room.  It is huge.  Must be at least 2000 sq ft all by itself.  You will notice a doorway to another room at the end of this one.  That is also a large room.  (Pictures coming ahead.) I would have the owner put in what is called a drop ceiling, and finish the room off.  Not sure what I would do with this space.  It does have all of the hookups for a kitchen, so it could be a separate living quarters from the upstairs.  Or, ???? This is looking back to where the garage is.  You can see the door to it way down there. Now for the room that was through the big open doorway at the end of the second picture in this line.  It is a very large room.  Maybe 30 x 40.  I would have the owner finish out this room also, and probably put all of my woodworking paraphernalia in here.  It is unbelievable how much stuff he has as a contractor.  How he will move it all, and where he will move it to, I have no idea.  And I thought I had a problem moving all of my stuff??? This is the other end of the room.  As you can see, it is very large.


Beyond that room in the last line above, is the Motor Home garage.  He has a 5th wheel in it that is as big as any motor home.  The garage is so big, there is room for a boat beside it.  Even another car could be put in here. He furnished it with all of the hook-ups necessary to run a motor home while it is parked in here, including a dump station for the sewage.

Well, this will give you an idea of the floor plan, and additional info on the place.  It is something else.  The guy built it for himself, so he did everything right.  I could write a book on all that he did, including the very up to date kitchen.

He has $750,000 into it.  Building it today would cost over a million dollars.  The $500,000 price tag is CHEAP.  This place being on 2and a half acres anywhere else would cost well over a million dollars.  Maybe over 2 million.  Even in your area.

I do not know if I will actually by it or not, but if the RV does go through, I will probably do so.  I am actually surprised that it has not yet sold.  I would think it would have sold in the first two weeks.  It has now been over two months on the market.

So, what do you think of it???













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