............. itís going to be by Christ AND HIS BLOOD and by no other way.  By the POWER IN PASSOVER, and the PASSOVER LAMB.  THEN it shall be that they will finally comprehend that they overcame by the Blood of the Lamb, and NOT by their works, their ingenuity, or any other thing OF THE FLESH.  That the earth was taken from Satan, and reconciled unto Jah by THE BLOOD of the LAMB through the POWER IN PASSOVER, loosed in faith by the Overcomers with THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY!!!.

This WILL BE a VITAL PART of The Word of Their Testimony.  Their confession of faith.  And they loved NOT that FALLEN life unto the death.  They loved it NOT, while their heart is being circumcised, for they have given their life UP to the cross in Christ, have not tried to hang onto it, and by being circumcised of heart, the VEIL IS TORN TO SHREDS.  And all the while that this wondrous thing is happening with them, all of Counterfeit Christianity will be SHOUTING AGAINST THEM WITH FERVOR!!!  

Hebrews Chapter 10, verses 12 and 13: 

12) But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of Jah; 

He went through the cross experience.  Jah took Him to Heaven and He said "SIT DOWN!!!"  He is told by His Father in no uncertain terms to sit down.  He is the King Almighty, but Heís still in subjection to Jah.  See, Jah had said something in the beginning, and He couldnít let Christ get up and go do that which would be in contradiction to what He had promised to the Serpent.  So, He ordered Christ to sit down, and Jahshuwah did as He was told, and He sat down on the right hand of Jah.  That was in obedience, because thatís what Jah told Him to do. 

And what is He now doing while sitting at Jah's right hand???

13) From henceforth (from that time forward) EXPECTING till His enemies be made His footstool. 

Did you hear that?  Heís got to sit there until His enemies are made His footstool!  Are Christís enemies made His footstool on this earth?  HARDLY!  So can He leave where He has been commanded to sit, and return to this earth to do it himself before this comes to pass???  Anyone that says so is CONTRADICTING JAH, and when we contradict Him, we become A LIAR, and ALL Liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire.  That is fact and reality.  It is one thing when we slip and lie about something insignificant, but quite another when we stand before the people and lie, believe me.  Any man who stands behind the pulpit and speaks lies is committing the WORST EVIL OF ALL that is being done on this planet!

Darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people.  And what do the Prophets of Baal say???  That "Jesus" could return at any time.  What a bunch of malarkey spoken by men who would make themselves out to be men greatly called of Jah before the people when they are in nothing more than a darkened mind.  A mind that is one, is in LEAGUE WITH, the mind of the Serpent, the TREE OF DEATH!  And in their preaching such dastardly lies, they are blinding the people to the very EXPECTATION OF CHRIST, and to the calling upon us through the POWER IN PASSOVER!!!

The Serpent, by the right given to Him in Jah's Word, is ruling this earth, and is deceiving, deluding all that will listen to him, and ANYONE eating of the Tree of Death WILL, because everyone born on this planet is born IN LEAGUE WITH HIM through the fallen nature.  

The Serpent means magician.  He is an illusionist.  Everything he says is in contradiction to the Word of Jah, and he goes about looking for those that will preach those contradictions.  Every church you go to, they are preaching things that completely and totally contradict the Word of Jah, and few know it because they donít have the oneness with the Word.  They are in the flesh.  In a Serpent religion.  Their veil is NOT RENT.  They are NOT ONE with the Word and the Law, but ONE WITH a Tree of Death religion.   And it takes this circumcision of the heart, the renting of the veil between Spirit and Soul, to come OUT of this illusion.  Itís a strong delusion that Jah said would come in the last days.  Jah says in Jeremiah, WOE unto those shepherdsthat lead My sheep astray and to the slaughter thatís coming. Not only are these NOT circumcised, but NEITHER ARE THOSE THAT FOLLOW THEM.

Our nation is under judgment.  From every pulpit, they should be crying out ďGet on your faces, people.  Jah is judging us for all of our iniquity, and a great deal of that iniquity is our believing the Prophets of Baal!  But no, instead of submitting to the Spirit of Repentance, they are all putting on their self righteous, fig leaf cover up and saying Jah should be pleased with this nation, saying things like,  Look how much weíve done with Jah and FOR Jah, and Jah should be PLEASED.  And Jah is saying I HATE THE WHOLE STINKING MESS!  Iím going to destroy it.  And if you donít want to be destroyed with it, youíd BETTER GET OUT.  

Daniel gave his whole life to seeing how this thing was going to come to pass.  He longed to be a part of it.  Oh, the story of Daniel, and how he loved Jah, and how he prophesied the restoration of all things.  How he spent his entire life just to see it, and to write the few pages that are in our Bibles.  And yet those few pages tell it all. He died a happy man, just from seeing it.  

Chapter 7, verse 18:  Read it and see what it says.  Does it say.......

But the SAINTS, the saints of the Most High shall give up the kingdom, go to sleep, and let Christ come back and do it? 

It doesnít say that does it?  Oh, let me read that again. 

But the saints . . .  the saints . . . the PEOPLE of the Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever

Does the period stop it there?  NO, and He expresses His seriousness about it being forever by saying it more than once......shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever. 

Oh, glory to Jah.  We, through the victory of Christ, will be used by Jah to do it!  That kingdom mandate is coming!  Itís going to fall on the people.  I KNOW ITíS going to fall on a people!  They shall take the kingdom.  They shall possess it.  Even forever and ever.

Verse 26:  He says,

But the judgment shall sit, and they (heís speaking of the men of valor who become these saints who possess the kingdom) shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. 

Who is going to take it and destroy it unto the end?  Who is going to make Christ's enemies His footstool???  "THEY", the people of Jah, shall take away HIS dominion (his, Satan's, the anti-Christ dominion, power, authority over the earth and its people) to consume and to destroy it unto the end.

HALLELUJAH.  If that does not make you shout, someone needs to call the undertaker on your behalf.  

Most of you are quite familiar with Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  The dream showed the anti-Christ Beast rule down through all of history unto this day, and it takes Daniel to interpret what he had seen in dream form.  I am not going to quote the whole chapter here, so you might take the time to read it for yourself.  It is in chapter two.

In reading this, remember what Daniel said above; the restored Kingdom Mandate that Adam had and lost; and how the Overcomers are to smash the nations like clay pots with a rod of iron.  You will see that I am NOT pulling out one scripture to try and prove a pet theory.  This thing runs from cover to cover, and IS the very purpose of Jah on this earth.

Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible..................

..................Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth...................

................And in the days of these kings shall the Elohim of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for evER


Here we see that the Kingdom that the "saints take and possess", starts out as a stone, and certainly not one that man has cut out by HIS hands.  This may be a small stone in its beginning, but as it grows into a mountain, meaning a world authority, it is one that FILLS THE WHOLE EARTH, and in the process of filling the whole earth, TOTALLY DESTROYS SATAN'S KINGDOM OF DARKNESS that is presently ruling the earth.  I mean, smashes it to dust that is BLOWN AWAY by the wind.

Do you see why the NWO that everyone lauds and applauds as being so strong and powerful, and that we had sure enough better watch out for it, HAS NOT A CHANCE OF WINNING?  That we are not the ones in trouble, THEY ARE???!  Satan's anti-Christ Beast System, and Jezebel's Babylon, ARE ALREADY DESTROYED!!!

Men, are you hearing me?  Are you one called, filled with the desire stirred by that calling, to see Jahshuwah's enemies made His footstool???  If so, then do you understand why Satan and his legions have launched so much against you?  Why Satan tries to devour the "man child" before it is even born, let alone before it is caught over to the Throne, the very Authority of Jah in Christ???  The enemy knows full well that once the men start overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb, by The Power in Passover, THEY HAVE HAD IT!!!

I ask, by what MYSTERY, by what Authority, by what ANOINTING will they do these things?

Christ is sitting at the right hand of Jah, Who said to Him in paraphrased form, ďSorry, You have to stay here for a while.  I gave the kingdom mandate to Adam.  And now, You have redeemed them, so they can go do it.  And, You watch  And now, under the command of His Father, Heís sitting there expectantly waiting for it to happen even while we run the other way doing all our garbage.  Weíre so caught up with our own lives and desires we never think to sit down and find out what Christ's desires are.  We ARE, or have been, GOING the WRONG WAY.

Daniel sees it.  Theyíre going to come, and theyíre going to take the kingdom.  They are going to possess it.  And theyíre going to take the anti-Christís kingdom and destroy it.  And itís being done this way, people, by the POWER of the BLOOD, and our faith in it, and the word of confession while our heart is circumcised, and we become ONE with Christ.  

IT IS NOT A RELIGION.  CHRIST IS NOT A RELIGION OF OUTER WORKS!  The walk is not to clean up the outside, look real sweet, smile all the time, put your arms around and love everybody!  Christ says that these are  whitened on the outside, but on the inside are full of DEATH.  There is no circumcision of heart whatsoever. Such are totally out here in the flesh with no spirit.  THEY ARE DEAD!  And donít know it.

Oh, they have their outer court looking real nice!  Oh, boy, do they ever.  And knowing how to appear really a sweet, with sloppy agape, smiley toothed ministers.  A bunch of sissies.  They know just how to stand, donít they?  Just how to get that sweet, sissified look on their face, while holding their Bible.  Self-righteous hypocrites that are guilty of wretchedness behind closed doors, who would not recognize Christ the LIVING TRUTH if He walked into their building.  I can tell you, He would NOT have a SWEET LOOK on His face if He did so. 

Weíre getting ready to see men like Elijah.  Like Elisha and Jehu.  Weíre getting ready to see men like Moses and David.  Read how they walked and talked.  Take off the blinders.  See what a man of Jah really is.  Take off the blinders and read Paul, and see what he was saying when he was saying it.  Most of you know that I do preach love, but let me tell you something folks.  Never push a warrior a crossed the threshold of anger, for when you do, you will learn to never do it again.  They will suddenly become as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in the very frame of mind in which He returns.  

For these things to happen, you see, the kingdom must manifest in us.  Weíve got to come to that kingdom walk in order to be restored to what Adam had.  We must understand that we are all...ALL... born FALLEN, and in that nature, born being totally one with the Serpent, under the Serpentís headship, and walking according to the flesh.  Weíve got to be restored.  To have this ripped out to become ONE with Jah.  And, that we are living in a FALLEN REALM, in which NOTHING is of any value, filled with fallen people.  

People think we are a "Christian Nation."  That is the Magician's ILLUSION.  We are in a nation that is ruled by FALLEN MEN, and under a FALLEN GOVERNMENT.  What should be "Christian" in this nation is nothing more than a fallen realm scripturally called BABYLON.  The evidence of the resulting wickedness is all around us, and yet we are so blind that we call ourselves Christian???  Give me a break.  How could ANYONE be so ignorant???

Now listen to me. There is a mystery in Passover that few have seen.  It is an anointing of, an induction into irrefutable Authority, of an absolute POWER, and  that comes upon the people that believe Jah.  I am showing you a MYSTERY that IS THE POWER that gets us to where we want to go.

It is even as Paul shows us in Eph 1 & 2.  As you read it, ask yourself, did Jahshuwah do this of Himself, or DID JAH DO IT!!!  You will see that what Christ did was to GIVE UP HIS LIFE, so that Jah COULD DO IT!  And, who does this POWER come to???  Those that follow Him and BELIEVE!!!:

That the Elohim of our King Jahshuwah Messiah, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:   The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,   And what is the exceeding GREATNESS of his POWER to us-ward WHO BELIEVE, according to the working of HIS....HIS.... mighty power,   Which JAH wrought in Christ, when HE....HE... raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,   Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:   And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,   Which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in allÖÖÖÖÖ.


ÖÖÖ..But Jah, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us,   Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)   And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Jahshuwah Messiah:ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.

Could Jahshuwah have been raised to the right hand of Jah without going through Passover?  No way.  It was this very anointing that took Him to that position of being the name above all names, with everything put in subjection to Him.  And, what got us there "in spirit"?  Was it not the same Power in Passover that got Him there?

It came to pass by His loving NOT His life unto the death, which was brought forth by the POWER IN PASSOVER!!!  Could it have happened in any other way or at any other time?  NO WAY, for it is here that the anointing for such comes.   If that is how He got there, how can we who are to take up our cross and follow Him, get there any other way???  And if we do follow Him, WHERE DOES IT TAKE US???  And who IS it that does the taking???

Every part and parcel involved with:

"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and loved not their lives unto the death.."....

.......has to do with every part and parcel of THE POWER IN PASSOVER!!!

Can we really see this "POWER" throughout the bible?  Well, lets take a look.

What happened in The first Passover?  Theyíre in Egypt, and Jah has let them see the full extent of the result of Adamís fall.  They are in hard servitude, extreme bondage, and dying.  Theyíre in a mess.  Theyíre in poverty.  Theyíve got nothing to say about anything as the Serpent through Pharaoh is ruling over them.  And that came upon them, not only because of their own sins, but because of what Adam did at the beginning. 

HERE COMES MOSES!  He takes Moses down there, and things start happening.  The judgments start coming.  And our escape in this day is supposed to be after the manner of Egypt.  Just how it happened there, itís going to happen now.  Judgment is already on this nation, and those judgments are escalating during this time of "the beginning of sorrows."

The sacrifice of their Passover Lamb was looking forward (in time) to Christ.  Heís the real sacrifice, but it wasnít time yet for Him to come, so there was a substitute.  Now that Christ has come and offered HIMSELF as the TRUE Lamb without blemish, we no longer have to sacrifice a real lamb.  Those ordinances WERE fulfilled by Christ.  We donít do them any more. 

So, they do as Jah instructs.  They take that blood and put it on the doorposts.  And they eat the lamb.  The lamb is the Word.  And they ate it in haste, with staff in hand, ready to go.  If they had NOT done what Jah said; if they had NOT partaken of the Passover lamb, they would have died with the Egyptians!  That Passover lamb, that blood, that induction into POWER, took them out from the curse of Adam, from their bondage, from their sicknesses, their hard labor in servitude.  This took them right out of it. 

Oh, how they had prayed for their deliverance, and oh how many tried to cause that deliverance by their own hands, even to some escaping out of Egypt to migrate toward the north.  But it did not bring it to an end.  

First of all, it had to be in Jah's timing.  Second of all, it had to be done by the POWER IN PASSOVER.

By the time this POWER began to loose them, the people (Egyptians) were glad to get rid of them (the Israelites), and gave them wealth to get them out.  When they came out, there was not one sick person in several million.   

Theyíre coming out through the AUTHORITY of the Passover lamb, and the powerful anointing connected.  The sea parts!  And they go through, as Pharaoh is chasing them.  None of it would have happened if they hadnít been under the AUTHORITY of the blood of this lamb.  The only way they are going to get out is through that blood.  And it delivered them.  It delivered them from that bondage!!! 

They get out into the wilderness, and they are given the Torah, The Holy Law, on Pentecost (the fiftieth day).  And, boy, what a story it is.  Tomorrow starts Unleavened Bread, which is another matter, but for now, weíll just stay on this one. 

The wilderness is the trying of faith.  And those suckers violated Jahís Law to believe for the kingdom, even as it is being done in this day.  Thatís why Christ said believe for the kingdom.  Seek the kingdom.  Pray for the kingdom, because it is a TOP PRIORITY according to His Law.  Thatís the first thing.  If you donít believe for that kingdom, it is a law violation, and the penalty is death.  They didnít believe!  What penalty did Jah say to give them?  Death. 

The POWER, the Authority of the Passover brought them out from all the curses of Adam.  All the sicknesses, ill health.  All the poverty.  Everything.  All the bondages.  IT WAS A DELIVERANCE!  There is deliverance in this Passover Lamb.  He delivers us from the things that came upon us from Adam and his fall. 

Jah isnít going to make it easy.  Heís going to let the Serpent try you even as He tried our ancestors in the wilderness.

Anyone called into this walk will find themselves in a life they cannot believe.  While everyone around them succeeds in their life, they will look like idiots.  They will be sifted from every direction, and it will seem like instead of being blessed, will feel like they are cursed.

People come, and they accept Christ.  I can tell right away where people are.  Yeah, they know about Christ, but theyíre still over here in Egypt.  ďOh, I know about Christ  But theyíve never gone through Passover.  They havenít had any experience with Christ whatsoever.  They have never asked for His blood to cleanse them.  

Then you have some who have come to the Passover Lamb, but they are still in Egypt, or the world.   Some are still in Egypt and SEE Christ, but have never come to Him.  Some have come to Christ, but never left Egypt. 

Then there are those who have come under the Blood of the Passover Lamb, and have left (spiritually speaking) the world, and come into the wilderness, but they are all dying of unbelief.  They know NOTHING of Jahshuwah's Authority, or what it is for.  Show me the crowd that is  believing for the kingdom to manifest so that Christ can return. 

After going through the wilderness, the time of trial, a new generation has grown up.  (This represents the death of self, and a new life birthed forth in us) Then comes the time to cross over and take the promised land, and NOT before. (Signifying that the NEW life must grow to maturity.)  Now when they partake of The Passover, the manna stops.  Right?  The wilderness provision is over.  (Oh, how many will shout hallelujah in that day.)  They donít have to live THAT way anymore!  Hallelujah!  And now they can leave off with the "wilderness provision", and begin living on the Kingdom Promises!  The next thing that happens is that the walls of Jericho fall down flat.  If they hadnít taken Passover at Jah's Set Appointed Time, neither one would have happened.  Theyíd still be eating manna and never have even crossed over Jordan, and the walls of Jericho would still be standing.  

Iím looking at it, and Iím saying THERE IS A POWER IN THIS THING THAT IS INCREDIBLE!  It brought them out of Egypt!  It parted the sea!  It healed them all!  Delivered them from everything, including all the curses of Adam!   Quite a thing! 

Now, in crossing over Jordan, the manna stops.  The walls fall down flat on Jericho.  And they are standing with Christ IN PERSON on HOLY GROUND as they now start taking the promised land under the Kingdom Mandate.  You see, it redeemed them into the Kingdom Mandate, what Adam had in the beginning, and they started taking the earth away from the Serpent seed, the Canaanites.  It was a foreshadowing of TODAY. 

Now, we have the real sacrifice.  Now, we have the POWER of the New Testament in HIS BLOOD, so we can do it.  Itís an AUTHORITY that we overcome with, to come back to the restoration of all things so we can go forward in the Kingdom Mandate.  

Am I communicating?  Are you seeing what Iím saying?  Itís loosing a POWER, an AUTHORITY in our lives.  A work that is done by Another and not by we who are HELPLESS!   

It is not to him that willeth or wanteth, but to him that showeth mercy.  And Iím telling you, we are greatly privileged as we are gathered on His day, THE GREAT DAY OF ANOINTING for, the induction into, this POWER.  The being caught over unto the very Throne of Jah in Christ, even as He was caught up to the right hand of Jah.  You can partake of it all year long if you want to, but THIS IS HIS DESIGNATED DAY.  His Set Appointed Time.  This is HIS DAY of anointing to APPLY this POWER and AUTHORITY to our lives.  To seeing ourselves redeemed unto the renting of the veil, even to the tearing of it to shreds.  Unto becoming what Adam was in the beginning with the Kingdom Mandate, and seeing the dwelling places of Zion manifest.  

As Revelation 12 tells us, it is the manifesting of the kingdom, and the kingdom people.  This, The Kingdom, Zion,  is where the bride goes to prepare herself to meet Christ.  Then, after these Sons of Jah have established Zion, have taught the Bride what they know, those men of valor will go forth OUT OF ZION to take away and destroy the Antichrist and his kingdom.  Instead of remaining one with the Serpent, the Bride washes her robes in the blood of the Lamb to become one with her Husband. 

Iím telling you, people, most of the potential Bride are going away from their Husband and being one with the Serpent, still following after the Nature of Satan they were born with, worshipping Jah in a Tree of Death religion, and if I showed you how many ways they are doing that, it would shock you.  

Heís saying this is My heart, mind and purpose.  Who are you going to be one with?  Do you want to be one with the sissies out here that are one with the Serpent?  Do you want to become passive about My kingdom and just sit around and build your own kingdom?  Thatís what the Serpent wants you to do.  He wants you to be your Own "god", after your own knowledge of good and evil in how to build your own kingdom. 

How many days can you list down of your whole entire life where you were seeking the Kingdom first and His righteousness, and praying for the Kingdom?  Hallowing Jah's NAME and praying, Thy kingdom come?  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?  How much have we done that?  Where are we dwelling?  In our own kingdom under the Serpent?  Trying to build it in our own knowledge of good and evil?  Are we thinking like: This is what I want!  This is what I should have!  And Jah is going to help me to get it by my hands!  Yeah, right, and good luck.

Or, are we going to go through the circumcising of our heart?  Letting Him rent the veil, so we can become one with Christ.  And letting Him take care of  the rest of the story which says: AND . . . AND all those things will be added to you! 

When I write, I sometimes mention things about myself.  This is not done to bring attention onto me. I know the foolishness of the fallen ego on that account.  I just want you to know that all of this is NOT coming from head knowledge, or by parroting another teacher, but from out of what has been revealed through what I have experienced.  Because of that, I want you to understand that I DO know what I am talking about.  And, I DO have compassion on anyone who has been called, and gone through much "suffering" because of it.  If it were not for the mercy of Jah, I would NOT have made it this far, and neither will you.  Oh, how many times I wanted to throw up my hands and walk away.  The problem was, there was a fire in my bones that I could not quench.  I have often said that until a person has been brought to the point of such hopelessness that they are just wanting to die, as some men in the Bible did, they have not yet been tested.  Jah has brought me through MUCH with the principles of Overcoming, and certainly the POWER in PASSOVER.  But for this revelation, I would NOT have made it through the onslaughts that were sent to sift me unto my present state of peace, of "lying by still waters."  And oh, what all the sifting exposed.  We are NOT ready for ANYTHING until we have gone through this maturing process, and preach / teach from the life that has sprouted within.  Many want to go into "ministry" immediately upon receiving revelation from Jah.  I can tell you, not only will this NOT work, but Jah will NOT "send you" until the maturity necessary has been developed in you.

Man has it backwards.  In his blindness, he is seeking his OWN kingdom, and expects Jah to help him to do it.  Such are trying to do it in their own knowledge of good and evil and whether they realize it or not, are thumbing their nose at Jah!  And all the while fooling themselves by saying in their blindness, I know Heís pleased with me; He understands.  I say, oh yes, HE SURE DOES UNDERSTAND!  Boy, does He ever!  Jah HAVE MERCY! 

Somehow, Jah put in my heart, into my desires, to want to give up this life in this fallen world.  He brought me to the end of desiring it, and all the wonderful attainments that lie in it.  My appetite for it all came to an end.  Oh yes, it has cost me dearly.  Thereís nothing in my life it didnít cost me.  Not one thing.  But Glory to Jah, by His mercy, I am walking into the Light.  And Iíll tell you, I DONíT INTEND TO DIE IN THE WILDERNESS OF UNBELIEF.  Iíve gone through this wilderness of the trying of my faith.  Itís been a tough one, and I am sure there will be readers who have been there, and know full well of that which I speak.  Itís been horrifying, if you want to know the truth, and there were many times when I felt like I had NO faith for ANYTHING, left in me.  But Jah is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith, and all he leads us through is FOR THAT PURPOSE.  Faith is not required until you are put into a position where it is NEEDED, and boy, will anyone called into the Overcoming be put into that position time after time.  Satan wants to know if you are serious, and will do his best to NULLIFY your faith.  Many do succumb to this attack, this trying of their faith, and do not go on.

Iíve watched a lot of things over the years, and a lot of people.  Iíve seen Jah promise things, that if they gave up their life and came to the kingdom, they would get it, but rejected the opportunity, and went their own way.  These died of unbelief in the wilderness.  

Now listen to me.  WE CAN DIE WITHOUT RECEIVING!  WE CAN COME UP SHORT.  The way we avoid this entrapment, and to get out of circumstances that seem to have us in total defeat, is believing for The Passover Blood to redeem us out of that which holds us back from His promises.  To "cross us over and out of that which is holding us."  The Serpent DOESNíT WANT US TO COME INTO THESE PROMISES!  And he builds circumstances around us which causes our faith TO DIE!  And then we start eating of the tree of death which contradicts the very Word, the very PROMISES of Jah.  Our fallen nature wants to agree with Satan, and the Serpentís, tree of death.  If we listen and believe it, our faith is killed right here.  For an example, go and read what those guys said in the wilderness when they spied out the Promised Land.  They believed the Serpent and his tree of death, and it killed their faith, even after all ALL THAT Jah HAD DONE FOR THEM. 

After all that Jah had done Ė how could that happen?  Well, Iíll tell you, when you feel your own faith being killed, then you begin to understand.  I understand exactly.  It takes the mercy of Jah!  

The bride is going away from the Husband.  A Husband who loves His bride like you canít believe.  The longings of This Man for His bride is BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION!   

How much does He long for her???
















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