See Ė weíre coming to something thatís the greatest move of Jah of all time.  Itís beyond our comprehension.  We can go through this Bible and see all the great moves that Jah did.  They donít even come close to what weíre getting ready to see.  Iím hoping to open us up to this.  May Jah open our understanding.  Show us, and show us how to be part of it. 

Weíre coming to that GLORY that Jah said Heíd fill the whole earth with.  Itís why we lose our life to find it.  Itís the life, and life more abundantly that He talked about.  Weíre going to invoke this Passover and all it means in our lives today when we take communion.  

Invoke means to call upon for help, to put into effect,  to bring about : TO CAUSE TO COME TO PASS.  Weíre invoking Christ and His redemptive work to get us there.  We are going to implement this thing in our lives.  Itís beyond ourselves to do it.  Thereís no way we can do it.  And because of that reality, we are giving up our life to Christ to bring us into it. 

We are going to eat and drink worthily.  Weíre wretches.  We canít get there on our own!  Weíre going to implement His victory.  His Blood in our lives.  An implement is a tool.  To implement means to provide the Power and Authority necessary to accomplish, or to put something into effect.  Weíre going to implement, invoke, in Power and Authority, this Passover and all that it means into our lives, to bring us into this calling of the restoration of all things.  Thatís why Christ died.  Thatís what the firstfruits are about.

The firstfruits are the 144,000.  Go to Revelation 14 and find out who the firstfruits are.  

and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth............

............These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto Jah and to the Lamb.

Paul says in Romans 8 that the firstfruits are the manifestation of the sons of Jah.  These are the men of valor.  The ones that come into the New Covenant in His Blood to be restored to what Adam and Eve had at the beginning, and lost. 

Letís go to Genesis, Chapter 1.  We just skip over words without understanding whatís going on.  Sometime Iíd like to really go through these first three chapters and really open them up.  But I just want you to see one word in here right now. 

28) And Jah blessed them and Jah said unto them be fruitful and multiply. 

Heís put them in Zion.  Heís put them in the Kingdom.  Itís the Garden of Eden.  Heís saying now I want you to be fruitful and multiply.  I want you to grow in numbers until you become strong enough to go forth and . . . and . . .?  do what? 

Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and SUBDUE it . . .

Do you see the word SUBDUE?  Do you know what it means?  Do you understand what Jah was giving Adam and Eve when He put this command upon them?

See, the earth is being ruled by Satan, who has declared, Iím going to raise my throne above Jahís, and is now determined to accomplish it through his anti-Christ World Ruler and the New World Order that we can see progressing right before our eyes.  

In the beginning, Adam is an invader, and called to smash Satan.  Jah is the Creator, but He let Satan rule the earth in the beginning of this war. And because Jah created it, He has the right to bring His invader in.  Heís saying this is how we are going to fight the war.  My man against yours. 

To win this war, He gives Adam AND Eve the Kingdom Mandate.  The word SUBDUE.  Study it.  Look it up in your Strongís Concordance.  Itís a militant term.  It is not a sissified, mamby-pamby, letís go out and get rid of the weeds in the front yard and plant grass, and by that subdued the land!  This thing is a militant term.  It means to take by force.  To subjugate.  To SUBDUE the WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH, and bring it into subjection to Jah, delivering it from Satan.  This was a vital part of the LIFE in the Tree of Life, and anyone eating of this Tree will have the same life in them.

He brought Adam to earth in this war, and declared right there that it would be fought through Adam.  He is not taking it back Himself.  Heís NOT going to say Adam failed, and I made a mistake giving him the Kingdom Mandate, so now Iím going to have to do it myself.  Jah said Iím giving it to Adam.  Heís going to be fruitful and multiply and grow strong in the Garden of Eden Ė Zion Ė the Kingdom.  Iíve given him the kingdom mandate to go out and take the earth away from Satan.  And after the fall, Jah tells the Serpent that it will STILL be accomplished.  That what the Serpent cause to take place WOULD BE RECTIFIED, RESTORED!!!

This is the greatest mandate ever given to man.  It is the authority to take the earth away from Satan by force.  Not through carnal weapons, but Jahís way through Spiritual Arms.  But nevertheless, to conquer this earth and get rid of the Kingdom of Darkness that presently pervades the whole earth. 

We know that we are the temple of Jah.  We are the temple collectively, as all the body of Christ, all being fitted together and joined together to make one temple.  But we also, individually, are the temple.  We are three parts even as the temple was.  We are spirit, soul, and body.  And much revelation is in the temple and all the paraphernalia that was in the temple.  I canít go into all of that.  When they built the temple, Adam had already fallen, and so there was a veil between the two inner sections.  It also had an outer court with no roof.  Then, it had two inner sanctuaries where the priests went in to minister.  A holy place, and a holy of holies where Jahís throne was.  The ark of the covenant sat in the Holy of Holies.  His mercy seat and the big cherubim.  It must have been something!  

Once a year the priest went through the veil.  It was a six-inch thick, big veil.  He passed through supernaturally into that realm.  They tied a rope on his feet.  And bells.  And as long as they heard the bells, they knew he was still alive.  And I mean that priest prepared all year long for going in.  He went in on the Day of Atonement.  If the bells stopped, they knew he didnít make it.  He died.  Something was wrong somewhere.  They pulled him out with the rope.  Weíre talking about an awesome Jah here! 

We are spirit, soul, and body.  The outer court, our outer court is the body, which has contact with the world.  If we didnít have this body, we wouldn't have any contact.  Get rid of the outer court, and youíre dead!  The soul is our holy place.  It should be our holy place.  It contains our intellect.  Itís who we are.  Our will, emotions, abilities, capabilities.  Everything that someone is, is inside that body.  We keep judging people by looking at their body without looking in to see what the person is.  And then we have the Holy of Holies, which is our spirit.  The spirit, the soul, and the body. 

Adam is created.  He has wealth. There was gold in that land, and it was good!  He was wealthy.  The Garden of Eden of Jah.  A beautiful woman to ahem  "multiply with"!  Ho Ho.  The Kingdom Mandate.  And he was one with Jah.  One with Christ, the Tree of Life.  There was no veil between his spirit and soul.  They were one.  See the veil in the temple was a temporary thing.  All the rest of the building was built out of hard things that you donít remove.  But the veil was temporary.  Christ got rid of it when he died.  He rent that veil, ending this partition between us and Jah.  Ending the separation from Jah that was in between our Spirit and Soul.

Well, Adam falls.  And he is shut off from his oneness with Jah.  A thick veil now separates his soul from his spirit, and now he is run by his outer court, and thusly, becomes a carnal man.  Now his soul is going with the Serpent through the flesh.  And the self-righteous, fig leaf cover up in his new religion worked . . . until Jah Himself came.  When Jah comes, it doesnít work anymore.  Before Him we are totally undone.

The veil comes.  He is cast out of Eden.  He no longer has oneness with Christ.  He now has become one with the Serpent, and the "Serpent Nature", losing everything Jah had given to him in the process.

(Using a blackboard to explain)

We have Jah.  We have Christ.  We have Adam.  And we have Eve.  Over here we have Satan.  We have the Serpent.  The Serpent comes, and he comes after Eve.  Eve is beguiled, seduced, and by that is removed from being under Adam, who is under Christ, who is under Jah, and now comes under the headship of the Serpent.  Now Eve comes after Adam, and Adam falls, and in falling, comes under Eve who took control over him, and she is under the Serpent.  Thatís the way it is kids, and we have had hell on earth ever since.  And, we WILL have hell on earth until the day Jah starts the move to RESTORE, rectify, redeem all things including the marital relationship back to the way He intended.  This is what Christ died for, and is the very thing that will MANIFEST HIS VICTORY over Satan. 

In the beginning the chain of command was, the roles of headship were, first of all Jah, then Christ, then the man, and then the woman.  Oh, would I like to get into this one, but I wonít!   For now just let me say:

No woman will be in Zion without being under the headship of A MAN.  And no man will be in Zion without being under the headship of CHRIST.  Thatís just the way it is, as there IS a Kingdom Order of Government.  When a woman sees herself going away from a man thatís called to go to the kingdom, sheís been beguiled by the Serpent, and if she doesnít wake up to that, sheís headed for a terrible end!  

How many men are married to a woman who professes Christ, and yet will NOT hear the Truth?  A woman who claims she loves you while being full of rebellion to everything you say?  Then, in not hearing, accuses, criticizes, and condemns her husband who does?  She is surely under the Spirit of Jezebel, and is in the Tree of Death Nature she was born with.  She may say that she loves him, but her heart is far from being one with him, even as the Ekklesia is far from Christ. 

The woman is to give up her life to her husband even as the husband is to give up his life to Christ, and that even as Christ gave up His life to Jah.

Now listen to me.  How many "religious men" demand through the use of scripture, for their wife to submit unto them, when they themselves REFUSE to submit unto Christ, the Living truth, AND HIS CROSS?  That will NOT work, and surely put the woman in a terrible bondage that she should not remain in.  The men need to get their act together, and become WORTHY of the woman's submission.  Maybe after a man has gone through his OWN struggle with submission unto Christ, he will be a little more patient with his wife, and her struggle.  We men are to submit unto He that is perfect, while the woman is to submit unto we WHO ARE WRETCHES.

And, how many women are there who long to have a husband that WILL lead them into the Truth, but instead is interested in everything of this world, but the Truth?  I can tell you, there is a great shaking coming into the realm of marriages, as Jah WILL HAVE His Adam's and Eve's who WILL walk with Christ into the Kingdom.  I see some indication that this "shaking" has already begun.

Who would you want to rule and reign with you?  Somebody that stays with you, is loyal, faithful, and true?  Or one that could turn on you at any minute?   One that will not hear and follow.

Adam and Eve left off with being under the headship of the Tree of Life, and fell under the headship of the Serpents Tree of Death, and there has been great trouble in the marital relationship ever since.  One is the Nature of Christ, and the other is the Nature of SATAN.  And now, the WHOLE EARTH lies under his headship, and is why "darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people."  Everyone, without the work of redemption going on in them, is functioning on this earth in the very NATURE OF SATAN, for they are ALL eating of the Tree of Death, and that my friends is very easy to see once your eyes are opened to what that nature is. 

Have you ever wondered why people cannot hear the truth?  This is why.  They realize not they are in oneness with the Serpent, love his lies, and are in darkness, and believe me, the darkness cannot comprehend the Light.  

No one can understand until they have truly come to Christ through the cross that RENTS THEIR VEIL, for until that veil is rent, their understanding IS DARKENED!!!  NO darkened mind will EVER comprehend the things of the Spirit, and it is nothing but a lesson in futility to try and get through to such a darkened mind.  

How many have refused the cross, but answered the cries to "save themselves", for they instinctively knew how agonizingly painful the "renting of their veil" would be, and could NOT suffer it?  And, I am NOT talking about those of the world, but those who claim to profess Christ.

Under the Serpent, Adam came under the headship of the woman, and Iíll tell you, the rulership of the fallen woman over the man today is INCREDIBLE!  And it takes us the wrong way. 

Adam is now under the Serpent, and going according to the flesh.  According to what he sees and understands through his outer court.   He is Shut off from Jah, cast out of Eden.  He lost the Kingdom, and the Kingdom Mandate.  He lost wealth.  He lost health.  He lost life and now is in death, and dying.  His body immediately starts going into the corruption.  See, he was made from the earth.  This is how Satan got him, because his body was of the earth. 

He was one with Christ.  He was a perfect man.  But Jah made him from the earth and that made him susceptible to the Serpent.  And the Serpent got him through the flesh, and he fell through the flesh.  And he lost it ALL.  And by that he came into hard bondage and servitude.  Now, heís going to have to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow.  Ever wonder why it is such chore to earn a living in this realm?  It is because of the present realm we are living in that is under the Serpent's headship.  

The earth is presently ruled by The Kingdom of Darkness, but through the POWER IN PASSOVER, Christ's victory will manifest in the Sons of Jah, and in manifesting, throw down this despicable iniquity altogether, and by that work, deliver ALL that will come from this contemptible iniquity which we now see, and deliver the ENTIRE EARTH in the process from Satan's headship, unto the headship of THE RIGHTEOUS KING, the Lamb that IS worthy to rule.  In that day we will NOT be singing how great I art, but how great THOU art, nor how worthy I AM, but how worthy HE IS, and is the ONLY one that IS worthy.  But for Christ, the only thing we are worthy of IS THE DEATH SENTENCE!

In Genesis 3:15, Jah says to the Serpent (thereís so much in all that was said, but let me just point out here): And Iíll put enmity (WAR) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, and it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel. 

The seed of the woman was to be Christ.  Heís talking about a war.  The whole earth was created for a theater of contest.  The whole thing taking place on this earth IS A WAR between Jah and Satan.  Thatís why the Serpent came after Jah's Invader.  He had to get Adam under his headship, or he knew that he would lose the earth and thusly the war. 

Jah says I havenít changed My mind.  The seed of the woman, Christ, is going to come and destroy this authority that you have over Adam.  And Iíll tell you, Adam through that redemptive restoration, is going to accomplish my mandate.  

See, Jah knows the end from the beginning.  And all the holy prophets, thatís what they prophesied about.  That redemption.  And that Kingdom Mandate once again coming upon a people so that they could take the earth away from Satan! 

This is why Jah says to the redeemed Sons of  Israel in Jeremiah 51.....

Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; 

Adam understood it.  Seth understood it.  Methuselah understood it.  And Noah sure did!  And Abraham was a contemporary with Noah, which few realize, and was therefore taught by Noah.  And when Jah came and said to Abraham what He said, Abraham KNEW what he meant.  See, these men understood what was going on.  They understood what had happened.  They understood the mandate. 

Abraham being a contemporary with Noah, understood.  When Jah spoke to him and gave him the covenant, he understood.  He understood the covenant of circumcision, and what it meant for him.  It meant that he and his seed line were going to get the Kingdom Mandate, and the restoration of all things to take the earth away from the devil.  He knew that!  He longed for it!  How many reading this have the same longing within them???

The book of Genesis is the beginning.  And the book of Revelation is the conclusion of the matter of this war between Satan and Jah.  And it is to be fought through two seed lines.  Abraham knew that it was to be fought through his seed line.  He knew that the Serpent had his (own) seed line, and when Jah spoke to Abraham, he knew that his seed line would be at war with the Serpentís seed line. 

What does everybody think?  That Jah just decided to go in and wipe out the Canaanites in the promised land because they had become so wicked?  Why didnít he try to save them?  Instead of sending the Israelites in to kill them, why didnít He go in and save them?  Because they were a Serpent seed!  They were of their father,  the devil, sent to the earth by the devil in this war.  And they beat Jahís people to the promised land, because they knew thatís where Christ would have to rule from.  And itís been a war over that land ever since. 

These men understood it.  The book of Genesis is the beginning.  The book of Revelation the conclusion.  And the book of Revelation tells us that Jah wins.  Because it is ALREADY WRITTEN, the NWO has not a chance to succeed.  We are NOT the ones in trouble, THEY ARE!

Romans 8:18:  For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not WORTHY to become compared with the GLORY that shall be seen in us. 

Jah promised Joshua to fill the whole earth WITH HIS GLORY.  What is that glory? 

Romans 8:19  For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF Jah. 

THATíS THE GLORY.  And that manifesting is the redemption back to what Adam had at the beginning.  Having the veil removed, and once again being one with Jah.  One with Christ.  Having our heart circumcised, the renting and tearing away of the veil.  And this IS what the circumcision of the heart is all about.  The renting of the veil between our Spirit and Soul, so that we are one with Christ.  One with His Law.  One with His kingdom order.  We have become like Him.  One with Him in mind, heart, and purpose, and are just like Him.  In and through Christ, A lamb without blemish. 

Jahshuwah is the Law, the Word made flesh, and there was no other Word, except for what the Prophets prophesied, when John made this statement.  And sin is the transgression of the Law.  And HE HAD NO SIN IN HIM!  He was the Living Word.  He just naturally did Jahís will, for He IS The Tree of Life.  He didnít have that veil.  He was the second and last Adam.  And He DID NOT FALL.  And believe me, HE WAS TEMPTED.  And He came for one purpose.  TO RESTORE WHAT ADAM LOST.  To restore the Israelites in their failure the first time to take the earth away from Satan. 

I could go on with the manifestation of the sons of Jah.  For instance, verse 23:

"And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, (and I might say....EVEN unto) the redemption of our body."  

These are the firstfruits.  You go on in the Book of Revelation and find out about the 144,000 and you see that THEY are the firstfruits.  You donít have two different firstfruits.  Thereís only one firstfruit.  The manifestation of the sons of Jah are the 144,000, who become men of valor, and pick up that Kingdom Mandate in the authority of The King,  and become one with Christ in heart, mind, and purpose, sent by Jah to go  and take the earth away from Satan.  By spiritual arms, and NOT by carnal force.  By the Authority of this PASSOVER!  By the Authority of His Blood that redeems us all.  By the authority of HIS NAME which was  gained through the POWER IN PASSOVER to translate us, cross us over, into this great calling.

All things, both in heaven and earth, are reconciled unto Jah by the Blood of The Lamb.  One day we will finally wake up to the POWER in The Passover Blood.  It is for sure that Satan does not want that to happen, for when we do, that Blood, The Power in Passover, will take the earth away from him, and RECONCILE IT BACK UNTO JAH.  It is NO WONDER that Satan works so hard through his willing blind servants to keep it hidden from the Ekklesia.

All things both in heaven and earth are reconciled unto Jah by THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.  Itís an absolute Authority.  Irrefutable.  And these men are becoming one with that Tree of Life, Christ, who has that irrefutable Authority.  Theyíre going to understand it.  Theyíre going to know the Kingdom Mandate in The POWER of PASSOVER.  They are going to know the POWER of HIS BLOOD that reconciles, and takes it away from the devil. 

Oh Jah, if we can ever, EVER get that understanding, and believe it, Satan is in trouble!  And he knows it, and is why he fights against our learning this one, even by causing people to be centered on everything that IS truth, including the Sabbath and the Feast Days, to keep them from seeing.........THE POWER IN PASSOVER!!!

The firstfruits.  Theyíre the firstfruits.  And they are the men of valor.  Itís not a catch phrase.  Itís not a fun thing.  These guys are going to lose their life to find it.  To lose the life outside of Eden to gain back the life IN Eden.  Lose the life thatís in poverty, sickness, and death, and dying in bondage.  In hard servitude.  Thatís the life we are giving up to go to ZION (See Isa 4 as well as much else Isaiah has to say, and also, Jeremiah 50 & 51).  A bag of dog poop!  Oh, it smells so good, please donít take it away from me!  Oh, the cross is so painful!  Oh, my life is horrifying today!  Pray for me that Iíll hang on! 

See, Paul saw it.  Thatís why he said rejoice always.  In everything give thanks, for it is the will of Jah in Christ Jesus concerning you.  Jump up and down!  Youíre being redeemed.  The cross is being applied.  The Blood is cleansing you, and youíre going to manifest as a son.  How can you sit there and cry and moan?  (Don't feel bad if you do.  Ho ho, so do I.)

I reckon that the sufferings of this life are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be seen in us as we manifest as redeemed Adamites!  Men of valor!  Oh, man!  And then we come into what Adam had before.  Life, and life more abundantly.  Health and wealth, the kingdom, and the kingdom mandate.  And an Eve to multiply with.  Praise Jah!

Revelation 12.  Oh, what a chapter.  Verse 10.  Something has taken place.  Something extraordinary. 

And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, NOW is come salvation, (NOW itís come.  Now itís come to pass.)  and STRENGTH, and the kingdom of our Elohim, and the POWER of His Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our Elohim day and night.  

Satan is destroyed and with a finality, CAST DOWN, because the Kingdom came forth!  How did it come forth?  Christ returned, right?  And He set up the kingdom.  We just sit around on our hands, picking our nose, Ďtill Christ gets here.  Oh, how Satan wants us to sit in that place, because if we ever wake up to our calling, heís in trouble.  And heís got the damned (and I call them damned because thatís what they are) Priests of Baal preaching passiveness to the body of Christ which is FEMINIZING THE MEN.  And making them a sick, inebriated, paralyzed suppose to be bride thatís DYING in the wilderness of unbelief!  Why, because she doesnít know her calling, and she doesn't know because she is NOT being told.  

Because of Satan's programming, we have not understand what itís all about.  Have not understood what Adam was supposed to do.  And because of the programming with LIES, most think that we have to wait for Christ to come to set up the Kingdom.  Jah says I gave it to man (Adam), and itís going to be DONE through man (Adam).  I came and Iíve redeemed you, and Iíve given you THE POWER and THE STRENGTH to bring forth the Kingdom, and that through the Power in PASSOVER!  The overcoming by the blood of the lamb.

And THATíS when Satan's total defeat COMES TO PASS! 

(Jah is somewhat saying) Iím going to do it through you.  I announced it at the beginning of time.  I told the Serpent I was going to do it through Adam.  I told Adam, and all the angels of Heaven KNEW that I was going to do it through Adam.  WHAT?  You think Iím a failure?  You think I donít know what Iím doing?  You think I donít know whatís going to happen?  If I would have thought it was all going to fail and wouldnít be anything, I WOULDNíT HAVE DONE IT!  I WOULDNíT HAVE SPOKEN IT!  I wouldnít have put the kingdom mandate on man.  I know whatís going to be done through man.  And Iíve got the men that Iíve created THAT WILL DO IT.

It will be as it is written, and quoted above:  And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, NOW is come salvation, (Thatís what redeems those men) and STRENGTH, and the kingdom of our Elohim, and the POWER of His Christ:

HOW?  Verse 11 tells HOW.  Because Christ returned to earth?  No . . . it says:

And they (I donít have time to go into it, but heís talking about the 144,000 that manifest as the sons of Jah, and are restored to Adamís position.) And they OVERCAME him (the Serpent) by the Blood of the Lamb (the absolute, irrefutable Authority) and by the word of their testimony; (which is the confession of faith regarding THAT BLOOD) and loved NOT their life (in the fall of all things) unto the death.

We are going to learn that we are becoming one with Christ through the Blood, the confession of faith IN THAT BLOOD to restore us.  Not by works, but by faith.  And we are under grace while that faith works in the Blood to bring us to being one with Christ.  Becoming one in mind, heart, and purpose with Jah to take this earth away from Satan to manifest Jah's Kingdom.  To manifest the "dwelling places of Zion."  To come into the Kingdom Mandate that Jah gave to Adam and said it stays with Adam!  And the proof of it is that the calling of this mandate went down to Noah, and then to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, and to the Israelites!   And then confirmed it all through the writings of the Holy Prophets, including most assuredly, Daniel.

We cannot stop what is going on in the world, nor this nation, by our own ingenuity, our own works, and I do not care how militant a group may be or how large they are in numbers that are trying to do so, THEY ARE IN ERROR by thinking they can, and in futility by trying.  WHY??  Because what IS written WILL COME TO PASS, and there is no way to stop it from doing so.  The United States, the United Nations, all of the Satanic Organizations, and all of the world is going to go right where they are now going.  Trying to heal it is NOT doing the Will of Jah, but WORKING AGAINST IT!!!  And, how many have been murdered already, or put in prison NEEDLESSLY because they have tried?  

It will be done Jah's way, and in HIS time, and that by a people who have given their lives to Him through Christ and His cross, through the POWER IN PASSOVER, "loving NOT their life", their works, their ingenuity, UNTO THE DEATH, even the death of the old nature through the cross to be used by Him in accordance with how HE SAYS it will be done!  He does NOT say that we can heal the direction of Babylon, but that SHE WILL BE DESTROYED!!!

I do know this.  The more people understand this message, and apply it, the more Jah's people will near, or come into, their deliverance from their captivity.  Then, even as it was in Egypt, the nearer Jah's people come to their deliverance, the more the judgments will fall upon the world, and especially THIS NATION.  The more the judgments fall, then the nearer Jah's people are to their deliverance.  That is just how it works.

But for the Hand of Jah, calamities from every side would have already fallen.  Jah may just have been holding most if it back for this reason, as it is all to be released in conjunction with the deliverance of His people.  Oh, how we are on the threshold of tremendous disasters, from the natural such as volcano eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes earthquakes, floods, tornados, crop failures, fires; to the economic chaos; wars; terrorist attacks; nuclear incidents; disease, and on the list could go.  The "Beginning of Sorrows" WILL ESCALATE!!!  Then maybe people who are so smug in their little comfort zones just might WAKE UP!

Yes, we have already had some, but people, we have not seen anything yet in comparison to what is coming.  If people understood all of the catastrophes that are hanging over our heads, especially in the United States, they would already be dying of heart attacks from the fear.  If Jah's move is beginning with this Passover, and there are those who sense it just might be so, then FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT.  JUDGMENTS ALWAYS FALL in union with the deliverance of Jah's people.  

And finally, after all the failures, after all the garbage thatís gone on, after weíve seen all the things that man can do to get in trouble, then finally we come to the place where WE GIVE UP.  Where men STOP seeing what the enemy is doing, STOP looking for devils in every corner of the world and all that is done, whether from the pulpits, or things in the world, stop being hung up with every subject under the sun but what they should be,

and finally see............




When that takes place, then it will be that Jah has our UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!!!  Then it shall be that we will have NO GUILE in our mouths.  Then it shall be that we shall say............

















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