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Key Messages for the End Time Overcomer's


End Time Tribulation Overcoming Sons of Jah

The End Time Faith of the Overcomers of Rev. 12

The Highest Calling that has EVER been afforded unto mankind upon this earth is coming upon those who are CALLED TO BE OVERCOMERS!!!  Once a people comprehend, have their understanding opened to what is set forth in these articles, SATAN, Jezebel, and the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness HAVE HAD IT!!!

There will be a great difference between what the Overcomers teach, and what most teach.  Most teach from what they feel has been revealed to them.  Some of this "revealing" is from the wrong realm, and therefore doing nothing more than adding to the already burdensome mass of confusion of which we are suffering.

This will not be so for the Overcomers.  They will preach from EXPERIENCE, and from experience in that which has been revealed to them.  It is one thing to preach from what has been revealed and quite another to preach from experience in that revelation.

For one, the Apostle Paul, except in the role of a Prophet, only taught from what he had himself experienced.  It was what he was privileged to live through that gave him his RIGHT to teach what he taught, and boy, did he ever teach it.  This is why he knew what he was talking about.  No where in his teaching do we see the "materialistic teachings" of today.  Not only do we learn by his teaching, but BY HIS LIFE!  His life shows us perfectly the "walk of the cross" that an Overcomer must obtain to come into their calling.  I see this work being done in very few, and certainly NOT in those that preach a popular message in an entertainment center.  These are NOT Overcomers, but have been OVERCOME!!!

Revelation 21:7, says it all for those that desire to manifest as Sons of Jah:

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Is there any more to be received than ALL THINGS???

What did the person do to inherit ALL THINGS, and to become a Son of Jah???  They OVERCAME!!!  So what is this overcoming???  What do they overcome???

My first subjects will deal with FAITH.  Only by the exercising of True Faith will anyone overcome.

Then I will be dealing with mostly the Book of Revelation, and namely, the First Three Chapters.  There is no way to give an all inclusive study in so few pages.  Not only is the Book of Revelation vast, but the first three chapters are infinite.  I would in reality label this presentation rather shallow in comparison to what could be said.  It is not my intent to get totally involved, but to give that which lets The Spirit of Jah take you into deeper areas of these subjects, Himself.  Therefore, I do believe that what I  present here is more than adequate for the purpose at hand.  Many reading these pages will finally understand what has been happening to them, and why.

We would all like to lay claim to our advancement in Messiah, as if we in ourselves could do ANYTHING of value.  This is foolishness, as the "Calling", and the "Work" to get us to that "Calling", belongs to He who is more than able to accomplish that which He has purposed.  Half of the time, if not more, we do not even know what is happening to us in our development, let alone be the ones responsible.  The only thing we can know for sure, is that the death to the "Old Nature" that resides in us all, is NOT FUN, nor is it entertaining.  How much will be revealed in this regard as you read through this study.

As you read, remember, we must have a general overview of Jah's plan in our minds when we study.  If we do not do so, we will end up with dislocated interpretations that serve only to lead us astray, rather than bring us into the True Light of that which we are reading.  This is what breeds confusion, and is the foundation of BABYLON.  People will believe anything the man they worship says, because they do NOT KNOW THE WORD from cover to cover, and that Word is Jahshuah HIMSELF!!!

The second thing to remember, and be very cognizant, is that these letters are NOT written to the "unsaved fallen world", but to the EKKLESIA, the ones called out into the assembly of believers, whom we today would call "professing Christians", or "The Churches".  People that preach and believe in a "No Obligation Salvation" have certainly NEVER READ THESE LETTERS!!!


The plan and purpose on this earth is the defeat of the The Serpent.  To do that, the results of the fall must be REVERSED, and that comes by the overcoming.  We are going through the redemptive process to cleanse our genetic structure of the contamination of the fallen nature, and THIS IS what the Overcoming is about.  I will not re-teach on that subject here.  You should already have this well in your mind by now, if you have done any studying of what is written on this site.




And Its Purpose

No one can author faith in you.  Yes, faith cometh by hearing, but it is still Jah that authors and finishes our Faith.  It is up to you to take the precepts taught here to Him to develop in you.  Just reading will be of no value.  These precepts must be applied through much exercised effort in relationship with Him, to gain any benefit from them.  Even then you will suffer trial and error applications. 

For whatsoever is born of the one and only Elohim overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Supreme Magistrate, and he shall be my son."




You really should read this one first.  

Every doctrine of Truth is necessary to learn in the overcoming of the "Devourer" who is the deceiver of the whole earth.  To "come out of her", we MUST come out of all the lies and into the Truth.  This is fact!  So, I do not mean to minimize the importance of ANY Truth that is being revealed to us in this day.  However, when the dark times come, I have found that doctrine is of little value in my mind.  What is of value?  FAITH, and the correcting of the errors being wrongfully practiced in that realm!!!  Nothing else during the difficult times has ANY MEANING, for I have recognized that it is FAITH that brings and keeps us heading towards the oneness with Jah that Jahshuah desires.  Unbelief makes us ONE with SATAN!!!


Faith reverses the contradiction by causing what is not so, that should be so, into being so, and does so by believing it IS so before it has become so.  If we do not believe our desire IS so, before it becomes so, it will NEVER become so!!! 

The Authority of Jahshuah Has been Given Unto US WHO WILL BELIEVE IT!!!

Lesson 1

Most of you should already KNOW the Authority of our King, and that THIS AUTHORITY has been given TO US to bring down the Kingdom of Darkness.  I insert this particular page for those who may NOT know that Authority, to open your eyes to it, and especially for what purpose it has been given.

Satan The Devourer

Lesson 2

Anyone called to be an "Overcomer" will be launched upon by the "Devourer".  Why?  Because if they succeed in the overcoming, he has had it!!!

So, have you experienced trouble in this life?  Do you have the desire to be an Overcomer?  If your answers are yes, then you should read this one, and in reading, find out that you are NOT the only one who has felt as you.

In Earth as IT IS In Heaven

Lesson 3

If I were to give this lesson in one simple sentence, it would be that our King, the Master of Faith, taught that we should believe that IT IS IN EARTH, meaning in this natural dimension, just AS IT IS IN HEAVENThe more this sinks in, the more powerfully loaded the statement becomes!  If everyone fully understood this one, 90% of this web site could be deleted.




Lesson 4

With all of the confusion, all of the clamoring "Thus saith the Lord" bombarding us from every turn, our greatest problem today with our faith, is KNOWING what Jah has REALLY said.  Having faith in what a false teacher / prophet says IS ERROR, and the worshipping of a FALSE "GOD".  As prophecy clearly states, this is our plight today.  This is why we MUST receive the "Love For The Truth", and then seek Him in this with everything we have.  Our faith MUST line up with what HE SAYS in Truth, and then exercise it with vigor according to HIS instructions to accomplish HIS purpose on this earth.


This is one subject we MUST get through our thick spiritual skulls.  Everyone is believing things that are diametrically opposed to Jah, and His purpose on this earth.   Most think it is just the other guy that is being deceived.  Sorry, but it is ALL of us.  This is so because of the programming of Jezebel's Babylon, and therefore have not the slightest idea of how much we are believing against Jah, instead of STANDING WITH HIM through Jahshuah with whom we are to be one.



The Overcomers Good Fight of Faith


Lesson 5

The Ovecoming is accomplished by TRUE FAITH, and certainly NOT by our works.

This fight of faith is fought in the mind.  It is who shall rule our mind; flesh or spirit.  Messiah, or anti-Messiah.  Jahshuah is our New Man.  When we are NOT standing in faith properly, we are not being one with Him by submitting unto His Rightful Headship over us.  Faith after Jah's Spirit is believing for that which HE wants us to believe.  Not our OWN contriving.  We must discern the difference between the two, and fight to remain in HIM.

Pray Read The Word

Lesson 6



The previous articles concerning the Mechanics of Faith have prepared you for what is to be said here.

We are to please Jah by our FAITH, but faith in WHAT???  Faith in HIS Word, and the Word IS Jahshuah.  This IS His WILL.  His Will IS His Purpose on this earth.  We ARE to become one with that Will.  

We confess with our mouth from out of the abundance of our heart.  It is for us to "cross over" from the Kingdom of Lies into the Kingdom of Truth, purging us from the lies by "The Blood of The Lamb", until only the Truth is the abundance of our heart.

Created To Create JAH'S KINGDOM

The following is a revelation of a mystery that MUST BE learned by the Sons of Jah to manifest the Kingdom of Jah.  To come into its perfection, they will have to overcome the "Devourer" who will try to DESTROY them before they can be caught over into the absolute Authority of Jahshuah.  This is a WAR ZONE that few have any inkling regarding its severity, or the seriousness of Satan.

Isaiah writes for Jah in 51:16 . . .

"And I have put MY WORDS in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant (establish) the (new) heavens, and lay the foundations of the (new) earth, and SAY UNTO ZION, thou art my people."

Without the understanding of the following, this COULD NOT BE DONE!  In its understanding, IT WILL BE DONE!!!



1.  What Must 

We Overcome

Have you ever sat down and studied what it is that we must overcome to become an Overcomer???  That is what you will get here.  Fasten your seat belt, and read on.
2.  The Rewards of Overcoming

I apologize to those who have checked back to see if I have published these articles.  At the time I thought they would be published right away.  A busy schedule has prevented my doing so.  I will get them up as soon as it is possible.

3.  What happens if we do NOT Repent / Overcome

4.How We Overcome


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