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The Warning of End Times



The Overcomer's Refuge  

The Overcomer's Refuge  The Warning of End Timeses

The day is coming when we shall see

The Manifestation of the Sons of Jah


This IS The OVERCOMERS REFUGE. Dedicated to Manifest The Kingdom, Zion, Sons of Jah, Bride, Authority of Jahshuah; Preparation for The Great Tribulation.  

Larry G. 

This is The Warning of The End Times.

The Overcomer's Refuge

Life on this earth is now changing in a very severe manner.  Destruction is upon us in unprecedented measure.  The calamities of nature have been nothing in comparison to what we shall experience, and this, no person can stop.  Deadly diseases are on the rise.  Bio / Chemical warfare has begun.  Terrorists are on the loose. Famine and poverty are already affecting two thirds of the planet.  The New World Order is tightening its grip on the nations.  Is there an answer???  Oh, yes there is!!!  Is the answer possible???  Emphatically Yes.  Not only possible, BUT INEVITABLE!!!  Inevitable for those called to OVERCOME!!!

What you will read on this site will  be unlike most anything else you have read, for it is written for a select people.  A people that Revelation 12 calls "OVERCOMERS".   These are destined to SHAKE THE EARTH, and cause the Return of Jahshuah  IN VICTORY!!!

You will read about:

  1. What IS the "KINGDOM MANDATE"?  Is there one?  If so, from where did it come?  Was it LOST?  Has it been RESTORED?  Who is it now given to???

  2. Jahshuah is the Name above all Names, and aside from His submission to the Father, has ALL AUTHORITY over every other Name that is Named.  He will manifest Himself, and His authority, in the Manifested Sons of Jah.  It shall be these that will bring destruction to the Kingdom of Darkness that presently rules the earth, and cause the Return of Jahshuah.  (i.e. "Make His enemies His footstool".)  Nothing shall be able to stand before them.

  3. Overcomers, what they MUST overcome, and what their Overcoming causes to happen.

  4. When the Manifestation of the Kingdom of Jah takes place, and what happens when it does.

  5. The True Believers (Ecclesia) are to Come OUT of the Great Whore, Babylon.  Who is the True Ecclesia, what is Babylon, and where do they flee to?

  6. Jahshuah will tell some that thought they were "saved" to "Depart from me, ye Workers of Iniquity".  What is this iniquity that deceived these people unto their damnation?

  7. How important is it to know the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth?

  8. Is the United States in prophecy?

  9. ALL of the Holy Prophets prophesied of the "Restoration of ALL Things" from the very beginning!!!  Is this an important subject?  Jah and the Holy Prophets thought so.  Do You?  Have you even heard of this subject?  If not, why not?  Why aren't ALL of the "ministers" speaking of it?  Especially since ALL of the Prophets did, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING!!!

  10. Who is the "Spirit of Jezebel"?  Are "Priests of Baal" alive and well today?

  11. Does the Book of Revelation really cover events past, present, and future?

  12. What is the "Strong Delusion" that Paul warned us about?  How many are praying to be accounted worthy to escape all of these things coming to pass on the earth?  Is this important?  Evidently Jahshuah thought so.  This is what He told everyone to pray.

    For how to escape all these things that are coming to pass," read my web site.

  13. Why did Jah LOVE Jacob, but HATE Esau?  Is this important?

  14. Why is "LOVE" missing on this earth?  Do you know why?  Do you know what the very foundation of "LOVE" is?

You will learn of these matters plus much more.  By Prophecy, we were to  enter the day when we were to be drawn out of all the lies, deceptions, false Messiah's, and false teachers.  After reading the subjects on this site, you will understand that we are IN that "being drawn out".

 The world is filled with clamoring voices of confusion.  Why do we hear different conflicting messages wherever we go from voices of self acclaimed authority???  You are about to find out why, and the only solution.

We are living in the realm of deception, lies, illusions and delusions WITH strong seduction to it all!!!.  Yet few have even an inkling of this reality.  Why is this so???  Deceivers, even though they may be sincere, are deceived themselves, and running rampant over the earth, and in the power of seducing spirits, are convincing people they are speaking truth.  

Take the blinders off and  look around.  Sociopath despots are determined to inflict their destruction upon us.  The world is rattling with turmoil.  The Kingdom of Darkness is tightening its control over the present World Order.  Yet, WE SLEEP???

Even fewer understand we are entering the time of the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF Jah.  These will shake the entire earth as they walk in the TRUE Authority of the KING!!! 

Never has the earth seen such men as these, and if people understood what this means, they would change their lives in drastic fashion.  Woe unto those that reject the REAL Messiah, and His REAL TRUTH, in that day.  The deceivers, and the deceived, will be fully exposed, and EVERYONE will have to make a choice.  To go with the TRUE Son of Jah, or one of the COUNTERFEITS!!!  We are coming to the time when we will have to "fish or cut bait".  Living a life, religious or whatever, for self-satisfaction, is NOT GOING TO WORK in the days just ahead.  Life on this earth is about to become HORRENDOUS!!!  The party is just about over folks.   

Almost everyone has gotten away with some kind of debauchery.  That is coming to an END.   EVERYTHING wicked, everything that has been covered up, will one day be exposed What has been done in secret WILL BE "shouted from the roof top". 




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